Adwords Managment Ipswich Suffolk

Affordable Google AdWords  Management

ROI Focused Advertising

The great thing about Google Adwords advertising is that it is fast and ROI focused.

Would you like to bring targeted customers to your website? Maybe you already have a campaign running and you would like us to increase the conversion and reduce costs for you. We offer Adwords managment and build Pay Per Click campaigns that deliver results.

At OnPointProfit, we are determined to deliver the very best results at every stage of your online marketing process. You are provided with regular, detailed reports on how the campaign is running as well as a consultation to find out who your best customer is.

 Adwords Managment Ipswich Suffolk
 Adwords Managment Ipswich Suffolk

AdWords Explained

Google AdWords is an advertising model that is used online where businesses can advertise their goods or services. People online using the internet type relevant queries in to the search engine; relevant Google ads will show in their search results and the advertiser gets charged each time one of their adverts is clicked on, which is why it is called “pay per click”.

Due to this, it is important to keep on top of your AdWords campaigns to ensure they are running smoothly and to change keywords where relevant to maximise your return. Your campaign must be well managed and structured correctly to control how much is spent on each advertising click.

Done For You AdWord Packages

Bronze AdWords Package


Plus 20% ad spend over £1000 ad spend per month

Set up or Optimize your Adwords

35 Keywords

4 x add extensions

Tightly Themed AdGroups

3 x Highly Engaging Ads

A Great Way to Get Started

Gold AdWords Package


Plus 20% ad spend over £1000 ad spend per month

Same as Gold & Silver


Ongoing Weekly Optimization

Bi-Weekly report

3 Phrases int

Strong SEO for Strong Competition

Silver AdWords Package


Plus 20% ad spend over £1000 ad spend per month

55 Keywords

5 x add extensions

Tightly Themed AdGroups

5 x Highly Engaging Ads

Conversion Pixel Code

A Good Option for More Power

Find out how we can help your business succeed